I am Fitri Apriyani. Welcome to my personal blog.

I am a part time blogger from Jakarta, Indonesia who started blogging in 2011 as my college assignment and then had been becoming my online diary named www.fiapriyani.blogspot.com.

As time goes by i feel like it’s time for me take it seriously on blogging. So here is my brand new blog.


I’m a matcha lover. And i think what would show up in people’s mind immediately when matcha mentioned is a warming-and-calming-green drink kind of thing with a not too sweet and bitter taste. So i will try to give such vibes to this blog through the posts so the readers could enjoy them like a cup of matcha 🙂

I have interest in sharing my knowledge and experience about my travel journey, fashion and my thought about things. I will try my best to give the useful ones. Please enjoy my blog 🙂


IG : @fiapriyani
Twitter : @fiapriyani

Thank you!